Pocket Entertainment - a new play channel

Pocket entertainment is a digital platform wherein its primary focus is to create short content that entertains people. The programs on the channel are not more than 10 mins long, you can watch them as series on digital platforms and save them to watch later. Pocket entertainment will help you to take a short break and make you relax watching the short series. Pocket entertainment gives your delight while watching the programs that interest you. Pocket entertainment can be watched in the range of platforms like laptop, tablets, smartphones, and desktop. Pocket entertainment helps to display unique talent on the digital platform on a daily or weekly basis. The platform helps to create fresh new content displayed in the form of video series.

Following are the benefits of Pocket

Watch anywhere

You can watch the series anywhere by subscribing to the particular pocket entertainment.

Any time

Regardless of the date and time, the pocket entertainment series can be watched as soon as it uploaded in the digital platforms.


You can pool your talent with your friends and showcase them on the channel.

All kinds of entertainment

It contains all kinds of entertainment like music, dance, game, commenting on movies and more.


Music Pocket Entertainment

Pocket entertainment allows the music band to upload their music that could entertain the people with a various range of music from classical to modern, including rock n roll, pop, funk and more. The various bands will upload their music as and when they create it, they can even sing the already albums in different styles.

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Game Pocket Entertainment

The crew will play and comment on the games which are later uploaded in the digital platforms. The comments while will entertain you when they play games like Warpath, Sonic shuffle and more. The crew even play and upload board and table games, for example, smashed potatoes, Don't wake daddy, and more.

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Movie Pocket Entertainment

You can watch as the crew will comment on the upcoming movies or already released movie. This will be a greater review of the viewers and also will entertain them when they comment. Group friends will discuss on the various movies and will update their opinion, Example Review on Thor, Trick n Treat etc.

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Pocket entertainment will make the viewers delighter and helps them refresh the mind in their busy schedule while watching them. Pocket entertainment helps the various artist to showcase their talent on digital platforms. The entertainment gives greater reviews on movies, games and lot many other activities like our daily activities, nature, fun at workplace, politics and more. The crew can also comment on other things like comic, food, office, politics and more. This will help the viewer to get the reviews accordingly.