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Pocket Entertainment

Pocket Entertainment is a free mobile TV- channel, which produces and broadcasts a wide range of high quality entertainment to be viewed directly online; on laptops, smartphones etc. Our innovative response to the needs of the modern viewer is to create short episodes of 5-10 minutes, suitable to watch whenever you have a spare moment; on the bus, in the waiting room or during your coffee break.

Our content is strongly connected to all kinds of social media and we use all the tools of the internet to find, reach and engage the right target group for every single production.

Pocket Entertainment – who we are

Pocket Entertainment is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and was founded by highly experienced professionals within the film and TV industry. Our creative team aims to push the boundaries of traditional TV content through thought-provoking documentaries and engaging dramas, as well as producing fun-loving entertainment for a wide audience.

Because our audience is important to us, we like to stay in touch with them through Facebook, Twitter etc. and we pay close attention to the feedback we receive.

You can find Pocket Entertainment’s unmissable shows everywhere; on our own site, as apps for all types of smartphones as well as on various websites.

For advertisers - Would you like to become our partner?

The concept of our organisation is very simple; we create good opportunities for everyone involved. In short, Pocket Entertainment is made by creatives closely collaborates with advertisers entertains the viewers and creates a loyal following.

Pocket Entertainment offers a ground-breaking way for you to influence your target consumers - and they will love you for it!

As an advertiser you have the exclusive opportunity to become part of our content, through which you will capture and engage your target consumers in an unparalleled way. Our creative team will craft your campaign in close co-operation with you, using afp/programming and product placement.

Each partnership is unique and tailored to suit each advertiser. Because we are passionate about what we do, we like to follow up the results of the campaigns in collaboration with you, through surveys on brands, loyalty, liking and purchase intent.

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